July 21, 2024

Snore Guards – The Best Snoring Solution?

Snore Guards – The Best Snoring Solution?

So you have a snoring problem. And you are hesitant to use anti-snoring sprays, tablets, and more so, surgery. So what is your preferred snoring solution?

You say you’re already trying to live out a better lifestyle of eating nutritious food and exercising regularly. What is that you say? Oh yes, the effects of a good diet and exercise would not be that immediate to cure your snoring problem. It will have a very good effect though in the long run. While your body may not right away transform into leaner types, just be patient, you will eventually get there. With a healthy new you, your snoring problems will soon disappear.

And yes, for the meantime, why not try another snoring solution to address your snoring problem. Does sleeping on your side limit your positions while you rest? Can’t stretch that well either by sleeping on your sides. Does putting a bulkier pillow to raise your head disturb you? Well, there is one thing you might want to consider. How about a snore guard, sounds good to you?

The use of snore guard is a non-invasive snoring solution that may just be appropriate for your needs. It is painless, easy to use and available for custom fit requirements. This snoring solution is worn in the mouth during your sleep. It stops snoring by preventing mouth breathing during sleep. It also keeps the tongue from slipping back, which causes snoring as well.

SOMNI’s Snore Guard (intra-oral device)
This has been shown to be comfortable and safe to use. This snoring solution costs R120.00 per unit plus R20.00 handling & packaging for sales in South Africa. For international sales, contact them directly. Visit their website www.somni.com for more details.

Noiselezz and SomnoGuard snoring aids
Noiselezz Appliance is ideal for open-mouthed sleepers, while the SomnoGuard is best suited for close-mouthed sleepers. Noiselezz works by keeping the lower jaw from falling back, thereby keeping the airway open. It also keeps the tongue from touching the back portion of the throat. SomnoGuard works mainly by keeping the tongue from blocking the airway. It is a one-piece appliance and has an adjustable breathing opening. Each costs around 66 dollars with free shipping. Visit www.nosnorezone.com/order.html to order and see their other products.

Before making use of these snore guards for your snoring solution, it is recommended that you consult an oral health practitioner. With these snore guards as your snoring solution, you are provided with the capability to control your snoring while on your sleep.

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